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LaughterShock Presents:

'The Continuing Adventures of the Gopher Twins'

It all began in a small studio in Chatsworth, California. The year...1980. Nino King and Frank O'Leary, (creators of the 'FONK' Network, a long-running telephone answering machine message service and 24-hour 'Dial-A-Joke-Line'), began which was soon to be an underground, cult phenomenon; The first cartoon, telephone, soap-opera!
Week after week, day after day...from Australia to Japan, Great Britain to Canada, even from as obscure a location as Winnemucca...listeners called in on their simple telephones to catch up on the latest adventures of the bizarre 'Gopher Twins' cast!!
We are proud to now be able to bring you the 'Gopher Twins' episodes in their uncut, entirety for the first time ever here on the World Wide Web!

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Episode 4 - "Who's On First?"
(running time=5min 14sec)
When we last left Grover and Gunther they were trapped in the boudoir of the sexy, (and very randy), Alexandria LaRue. With an invitation to a night of unbridled, erotic, sweaty passion just which one of our studly rodents would be the first to climb aboard the 'HOOOOO TRAIN'? Or...would the brothers share yet another adventure ...together? And what about this strange Dr. Furberg who wanders the halls of this bizarre mansion? Let's find out now as we continue with "Who's On First?" Episode 4 of the Gopher Twins.

Diamond Lane

BackTrack Episodes

Episode 1-'Tricks or Treats-The Genesis'
(running time=2min 25sec)

Episode 2-'Tricks or Treats-Part 2'
(running time=2min 6sec)

Episode 3 - "Alexandria Surprise"'
(running time=2min 24sec)

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Continuing Adventures of the Gopher Twins 1980 by FONK

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